Lucy Hampson (Biography)


Lucy is an experienced teacher and therapist, fueled by creativity, compassion and a desire to encourage a healthy education for children by sharing invaluable information to parents and teachers. 

Lucy studied for her BA Hons in Steiner Education at Plymouth University. Her in-depth study of this alternative education system inspired her, firing her imagination and giving her a unique insight into child development. Soon after training, she began teaching at Lancaster Steiner School. She taught the primary curriculum as a class teacher, a post she held for 5 years, then went on to work at The Kings Langley Steiner School in Hertfordshire as SENDCo and one to one support teacher.

During her time there she was keen to learn more and undertook training with the Dyslexia Association as well as Continuing Professional Development courses in dyspraxia, dyscalculia, speech and language, sensory and auditory processing and reflex integration.

I love to share knowledge that empowers parents and kids


A combination of her classroom teaching, her one-to-one special needs experience and her training has informed her choice to delve deeper into understanding the role of primitive reflexes. They are considered the fundamental neurological building blocks for all learned movement and skills. This has naturally lead to Lucy studying neuroscience and gaining qualifications in Rhythmic Movement Training which she initially provided in an educational setting and now offers in private practice.

When she isn't working with children and parents or designing new images or prose, Lucy loves her work as a massage therapist, sharing the same passion to assist in supporting peace of mind and positive change. She offers massage therapy from her home and private  CBT therapy centre in Lancaster. Lucy works both physically and psychologically with clients.

I love to share the joy of drawing


Lucy is also the founder of Yoga on Paper (YOP). Her unique drawing programme has elements for all ages. YOP for the young combines story, movement and drawing; it is multi-sensory and fun. When practised it provides children with the solid foundations for their early learning. ‘Skilling up children before reading and writing’  is a phrase Lucy often uses to explain this process. YOP has bags of therapeutic value for older children and adults too, helping to develop mindfulness at any age. Lucy is currently designing a series of books and plans to add a digital element to YOP to enable her to reach more families.  

A true northerner Lucy is warm hearted and friendly. She grew up in Kendal with her tribe of siblings and has always enjoyed walking, cycling and swimming in the Lakes and North Lancashire. Photography and Art are now often combined on days out with friends. Lucy currently lives in Lancaster where she enjoys a stunning view of the Lakeland hills.