Art that's packed with therapeutic value

Workshops to redress the balance

We are living in an incredibly exciting technological age. Wonders are on every horizon! However fantastic this is, the consequences of over use can be detrimental when lifestyle is not balanced with real time social, physical and creative activities.  Yoga On Paper's (YOP) dynamic approach to drawing patterns and natural forms is stimulating for the whole brain. It has a meditative quality which helps to harmonize the whole body system.

Where and when?

The New and beautiful Herbarium Cafe and Yoga Studio in Lancaster is soon going to be hosting YOP workshops for a wide range of ages. 

More about YOP

How could you, your children, nursery, school, clients or health practice benefit from Yoga on Paper?

The benefits of doodling - Sunni Brown

While working at a consultancy firm called The Grove, in San Francisco,  Sunni Brown was re-introduced to

doodling. She says this actually changes one’s state of mind. It’s a

calming activity that can help people go from a frazzled state

to a more focused one. In her words “You can use doodling as a tool to

change your physical and neurological experience in that moment.”