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Rhythmic Movement Class for Children


Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) replicates the movement patterns that infants naturally make and are crucial for the foundations of neural networks built within the brain to develop whole brain-body connection.

RMT is known to help reduce the effects of Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Phobias and Anxiety.

This class will help your child with:

  • Sensory Integration
  • Physical Strength and Coordination
  • Emotional and Social Engagement
  • Calm and Focus
  • Handwriting and Reading Skills
  • Speech and Reasoning

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Saturdays 10-11 am 

15th June - 20th July 

Lancaster Library

Full Course costs £40 

Or £9 per session 

booking essential

Classes with Lucy Hampson 

Rhythmic Movement Specialist

to book call 07969 763 378 Lucy

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Bespoke Training

Begin with a free consultation meeting to discuss and asses what kind of package could meet the needs of your children and staff. 

Emotional and physical well-being

Book a Mini Jungle Gym. A Sensory Integration Programme based on RMT. It can be booked as either staff training or as a weekly session for your setting.  Moves are fun and easy to follow and help children to build strong mind and body, ready for learning. Adaptable for for children of different ages and abilities. 

Easy learning

Easy Alphabet and Handwriting Success are two YOP programmes available either as staff training or weekly classes.  Educational methods that not only make learning really easy but build strong mental foundations ready for the rigors of academic study.  

Practices that link the body and brain together

Rhythmic Movement


Our body and brain work together. Movement and sensory experiences are so important to the young child. In today's world it is easy for the sensory systems to become overloaded or affected by trauma or delayed development.  Disturbances in development can have effects on learning, behaviour, coordination, organisational skills, maths, reading and writing, friendships, and emotional resilience. 

Teaching children for over 20 years has helped me to clearly see the link between body and brain. I have found Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) to be a valuable tool in reflex integration, releasing body tension and building the brain networks for lasting change.   

Therapeutic Art


Therapeutic Art can change your perceptions, help you to think more creatively and to relax more deeply! Yes that is why Yoga on Paper (YOP) got its name. The responses to this wonderful dynamic art form are similar to when we practice yoga; "the drawings stretch the neural pathways where yoga stretches the muscles". The idea originated after teaching form drawing classes within Waldorf schools and progressed as I saw the profound benefits for both adults and children. Classes with younger children have movement incorporated to assist their developing systems. YOP could help to develop things like memory, spatial awareness, balance and coordination, writing skills and mental alertness.

Massage Therapy


Looking after our body is integral to our physical health, mental and emotional wellbeing. Massage offers a way of taking care of your body. Treatment of the muscles releases tensions, soothes the body of aches and pains and relaxes the mind. It is a great way to destress. 

Sometimes we find memories can keep us stuck and replaying patterns. Massage Therapy aims to release experiences and memories which may have been stored as tension and pain in the body. This releasing can leave us freer to enjoy and meet life in the present. 

I work alongside psychological therapists and counsellors to assist their clients in reconnecting to their body after traumatic life events or accidents. 

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