Practices that link the body and brain together

Massage - Touch for health

Massage is great for the body, stretching out tensions and soothing the body of aches and pains is a great way to de stress. We all know that  taking care to look after our body is of value to our health and emotional well being. Yet sometimes we find ourselves struggling,  painful memories can keep us stuck and replaying patterns that we find unhelpful and would rather forget. These kind of experiences that are hard to process can be stored as tension and pain in the body.   The massage I do incorporates somatic experiencing where root causes of stress can be processed. I work with psychological therapists to assist mind and body . 

Art classes packed with therapeutic Value

Art which can change your perception, help you to think more creatively or relax more deeply! Yes that is why Yoga on Paper (YOP) got its name. The responses to this wonderful dynamic art form are similar to yoga in that the drawings stretch the neural pathways where yoga stretches the muscles! The idea originated after teaching adults form drawing classes. (A drawing lesson at a Waldorf schools) This progressed as I saw the profound benefits that adults experienced. Classes with younger children have some movement incorporated to help build their developing systems.  

Brain and Sensory Integration Therapy

Body and brain need to work together, sensory systems overload with trauma or delayed development. Teaching children for over 20 years helped me to clearly see the link between body and brain. Movement and sensory experiencing is most important to the young child and any disturbances in their development can have effects on learning, behaviour, memory sequencing, reading and writing, emotional steadiness. I have found RMT a valuable tool in reflex integration, unfurling the body tension and building the brain networks, for lasting change.   

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